Install and use your signature


Install your email signature to help drive people to your NodCard and discover all your contact details.

Step 1: I already have a link

  1. Open the link provided to you in any internet browser.
  2. Proceed to step 3.

Step 2: Get your link

  1. Find the link for your email signature from the Admin Portal while Editing your Card -> Share -> Email Signature.
  2. Click to open the link.

Step 3: Install your signature in GMail

  1. On the new page that is opened, select the page contents. (In menu bar → EditSelect All)
  2. Copy. (In menu bar → EditCopy)
  3. Go to your email client, and open your signatures.
  4. Where you edit your signature, simply paste. (In menu bar → EditPaste)
  5. Ensure your new signature is set as default on new and reply emails.
  6. Save and Enjoy!