We have more templates brewing so check back soon.

The crux of NodCards are giving you the flexibility to build up your own unique card around the idea of a template. You can select a template and change it at any time to take advantange of the layout and features that template offers.

When you change your template, you'll be faced with the following choice.

Use Theme Defaults

  1. This will reset all your NodCard settings to use this theme's default in terms of colors, layout positions, and button shape and styles.
  2. This will not override any of your custom content (personal details, contact methods and images).

Keep my Settings

  1. This will allow you to keep all the settings (colors, layout, shapes & styles) you've already fine tuned on your NodCard, and simply just swap your card to use this theme's over all layout.
  2. This will keep all custom settings as well as your content (personal details, contact methods and images) in place.