A handle is the part of the link (URL) which identifies a particular NodCard in an easy to read format. In other words, it's the part of the URL that makes it easy to retype or read to someone and is unique to you.

By default all handles are random.

Why Randomize my URLs?

Even though NodCards have every good intention and we build a product that is easy to use for you and whom ever you want to share your NodCard with, there are still evil bots and scrapers out there that would love to misuse your information.

For this reason we default to randomize your NodCard URL, so that if one NodCard URL is discovered, it’s not easy for a bot or human to just guess your next team mate.

If you understand the risk and choose to customize your URL by using a custom handle (Usually the person’s name), then that’s up to you and we allow you to do so below.

As a reminder, only add information to your NodCard that you are happy to enter the public domain. In this case we encourage you to customize the link with your own handle.

Anatomy of a handle

A handle can only be made up of:

  1. Lowercase letters. a-z
  2. Numbers. 0-9
  3. Dasses - no spaces are allowed.

Custom handle

To customize the link of your NodCard, go into Edit mode, select Share from the top menu, and then Shareable Link.

Choose my own handle

To choose your own handle:

  1. Select the button Custom Handle.
  2. Review the handle (by default it will be your full name - although this might not be available).
  3. Click Save to see if it's available.
  4. If a success message appears, you're all set and you can review your shareable link at the top of the page.
  5. If it was unavailable, you would have to edit the handle to try again for something that is available.

Revert back to "Randomise" your link

To not use a handle and use the default random link:

  1. Select the button Randomize.
  2. Click Save.