By default all NodCards are collected in a team within an account. The account can have multiple teams without any limitation to help you organise your NodCards.

Why Teams

The main reasoning behind teams are to allow access to certain cards by certain users only. You can invite other users to join your team, and by default they can see all the NodCards in that team. So if you wanted to keep some NodCards separate and not allow everyone to edit them, you'd keep them in a separate team.

Manage Members

  1. At the top of the team's page, you can click on the Manage Members icon.
  2. Here you can type someone's email address - anyone within or outside of the system, to grant them access to this team.
  3. If they already have a NodCards account, they would be able to see the new team.
  4. If they have never created a NodCards admin account, they would receive an email to do so for the first time.

Remove Members

  1. You can click on the delete icon to remove a member from this team.

Team settings

  1. The team settings allow you to capture certain information that might be shared throughout the whole team.

Default Team

  1. Setting a default team is a setting that just benefits your experience as it's the first team that is loaded when you go to your dashboard.
  2. You cannot leave your default team as you always need to be in at least one team.

Manage NodCards

From the team dashboard is where you'll create a new NodCard for yourself or team members or edit any existing NodCard by clicking on the card's menu.