Meta Content


Meta content are specific tags that help describe your NodCard to search engines, social media sites and when sharing your link in messengers, etc.

By default we customize your title and add a generic description and image. You can customize these fields to tweak the preview link to your liking.

Edit the Meta content

To customize the meta content of your NodCard, go into Edit mode, select Share from the top menu, and then Meta Preview.

  1. Here you'll see a preview of what your shareable link would look like.
  2. Scoll down to the Edit Meta Content section.
  3. Here you can update the Title and Description.
  4. Press save to have the changes take affect.

Meta Image

  1. You can also edit the thumbnail image that appears when you share your link.
  2. The recommended image size is 1200px x 630px. File type: JPG or PNG.
  3. To update it, simply hover over the existing image and click to upload your new image. As soon at you see the new preview, you new meta image has been saved automitically.

Cached Preview

If you've updated you're meta content and you are still seeing the old text or image, the platform that you are sharing on is caching your preview. Certain platforms do this to be more efficient and only fetches the preview (meta data) once in a while (timeframe depending on the platform).

You can do one of two things at this stage:

  1. Force a content refresh.
  2. Wait a certain number of time (days/weeks depeding on platform) for the preview to be refreshed.

Force a Meta Content refresh a.k.a "Just change the link"

Change the link:

  • You need a new link to "trick" the platform into fetching the meta data again.
  • You can generate a link.
  • You can also just append a query param to your link to make it think it's a new link. This is easier than what it sounds like. All you need to do is add something like ?a=b to the end of a url.

Telegram Users:

  • Telegram has a handy bot called @webpagebot where you just send your link there, and the auto-refreshes the link to fetch all new content.