Contact Methods


Contact methods are one of the key features in NodCards that place you firmly in control of what is displayed and easy to edit as things change.

Add New

  1. Click the + Add New button.
  2. On the left, select what type of contact method you want to add. (This controls the icons, ect later on)
  3. Type in the details you want to list. This could be anything from a twitter handle, full physical address or link to any resource you want.
  4. Note it won't take affect until you save.


  1. List phone numbers with international dialing codes.
  2. Include the http(s) with links.
  3. Services like WhatsApp and Telegram provide your own custom link, that you can add here.


  1. Simply select one of the row, and drag it up or down to re-order your contact methods.
  2. Note it won't take affect until you save.


  1. Editing allows you to edit the value only.
  2. If you want to change the method, the best is to delete this old one, and add a new one.
  3. Note it won't take affect until you save.


  1. Simply hit the delete button to remove it from the list.
  2. Note it won't take affect until you save.

Save changes

Editing your contact methods, allows you to add, delete and re-order your items without permanent consequences until you save. So once you're ready - hit the SAVE button.

There is a message indicating wheather you have unsaved changes. If nothing appears all your changes have been permanently set.